I saw that ‘Bell’ logo and my life flashed before my eyes

Also? Whatever you’re thinking right now about anything is probably wrong.

Turn your telescope around…

“Fans of a certain age will remember the tabloid-fueled Oedipal drama of a star dad whose fame he quickly eclipsed. But these days no one thinks of Cassidy as a celebrity’s kid…”


We’ve been assured that flares and platform shoes would never come back in style; that Mario Cuomo would be President one day; Justin Timberlake was a no-talent D-list hanger-on; Oprah and Jerry Springer were indistinguishable (and their shows equally doomed to failure); that the over-budget, over-schedule Titanic would be a box office flop of Ishtar proportions; Dean Martin’s split with Jerry Lewis was career suicide; American Idol would crown shallow, corporate, cookie-cutter “stars” who wouldn’t sell any records or otherwise be taken seriously…

So never forget, everybody:

Glenn Beck is crazy.

Everything you think you know about the last 100 years is wrong.

UPDATE: more about Bell Records.


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