Canadian careerist hack Jonathan McLeod hates me, makes my day

For me, the drooling disdain of grasping, ambitious, humorless, over-educated, progressive, helmet-wearing, juvenile beta males like Jonathan McLeod is like plasma to a vampire…

Five Feet of Fury is in our blogroll. Does anybody read it and enjoy it? Do you agree with this feeble-minded crap?

Would you ever want to be involved with a woman anything like Shaidle?

I’m just wondering. I know she’s A Pretty Big Deal in the conservative blogosphere. Is she actually representative of conservative culture?

Dear God, I hope not.

I need a cigarette!

That one’s going up on the “About” page shortly.

PS: yesterday I moved 5FF to a dedicated server at DreamHost, for $99/month.

I’ve been getting too many 500 error messages lately, due in part to recent jumps in traffic, especially from visitors from my regular outlets like PJMedia, WND and Taki’s.

Plus I use a lot of WP plug ins to make the blog look and act the way it does.

So a special thank you to everyone who hit my “Donate” button and/or shopped at my Amazon links lately.

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