My readers are the best

Thanks again to everyone who graciously donated to this blog via PayPal recently.

I just switched to a $99/month dedicated server at DreamHost, to eliminate outages caused by traffic spikes.

Your support is helping pay for the new server!

And remember: every donation of $50 and over gets a FREE signed copy of my book The Tyranny of Nice. (Remember to add your mailing address to your PayPal form.)

Here are nice comments that came with some of the donations:

* Hi Kathy I’ve been an avid reader for some years now, and I thought I’d finally pay for my subscription, so to speak. Anyway, keep up the good work! Your wit while fighting back the forces of darkness is without price.

* I get more out of your blog than my Maclean’s subscription! 

* I enjoy your column so much and I’m happy to make a contribution.

* Thank YOU Kathy. You are amazing, incredible and one of a kind, I am a massive fan & should have contributed sooner

Also: this month is turning out to be my best ever as an and affiliate — certainly bigger than any December in 12 years, so that’s really saying something.

So thanks for shopping for stuff you were gonna buy anyhow through my Amazon links and banners, too!

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