‘I’ll wrap my d*ck around your neck and start you up like a f***ing lawnmower’

If only Guy Earle had read (and listened to) “The 10 Most Satisfying Cases of Hecklers Getting Destroyed”

This is Canada, so he still would’ve been charged and found guilty, but at least he’d have said something clever.

Yeah, it’s worse than ironic that the one exception to the rule that “Canadians make great comedians” is also the only one who ever got world famous for being charged with a hate crime (while basically saying something not funny.)

And, even more amazingly, hasn’t been able to make a lucrative Lenny Bruce style career out of THAT!


This entire article proves that women shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

Note: #2 with Patton Oswald is epic especially because his performance was being recorded for his next DVD.

(And yes, “that Joe Rogan one” is on the list...)

(Also “that cell phone guy”):

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