Talent Isn’t Everything: 5 Tips for Freelance Success (my latest at PJMedia)

freelance writing tipsHere’s an excerpt:

It’s almost impossible to proofread your own work, but you also want to submit the best copy or article (or report to your boss) that you can.

Here’s how I get around that:

If I have an assignment due Tuesday morning, I take one last look at it Monday night, then sleep on it.

On Tuesday morning, I open the Word doc and immediately change the size and type of the font.

If I wrote the article in Verdana, I change it to a serif font like Times, then bump it up two sizes.

I may even switch the text to blue, green or red.

This tricks my brain into reading the piece as if for the first time.

Inevitably, I notice a typo, factual error, overused word or awkward sentence…

(Keep reading for more.)

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