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Video of Michael Coren and I talking about Bernie Farber



Lefty boycott drove Glenn Beck off Fox News — now he’s making more money than ever

Bwa ha haaaaha!

GBTV is already generating revenues of $27 million a year from subscription fees. …

For the sake of comparison, Beck earned “only” $2.5 million from Fox News in 2010 — a mere 6.3 percent of Mercury Radio Arts’ income for that year.

Beyond the financial leverage inherent in GBTV, Beck is now also free from advertisers threatening to boycott — a specter that long clouded his tenure at Fox News.

At the same time, Beck’s news site,, is still growing by leaps and bounds 18 months following its launch. After hosting 3.6 million unique visitors in June, the website’s traffic quickly surged 44 percent and The Blaze set a new record for monthly visitors with 5.2 million apiece in both August and October.



Jim Norton, Nick DiPaolo + Artie Lange talk about upcoming Anti-Social Comedy Tour

Language warning (duh)

Homepage for the tour.


My prediction was off: Phillip Phillip’s song ‘Home’ debuts at #2


But even counting singles sales in CD form, Phillips’ opening week was the third best ever, only behind Ruben Studdard’s “Flying Without Wings” and Clay Aiken’s “This is the Night” from that magical season two.

PLUS: Contracts less generous than before


Homolka and Magnotta: a gay-straight alliance!


Magnotta also appeared twice in beefcake pix in one of Toronto’s gay magazine’s, Fab. (Yes, we have more than one!)

All these magazines are also bullying Catholic schools to accept “anti-bullying” gay-straight alliance clubs on their premises.

Of course, gays simply hate the Catholic Church.

A small number have good reason to: they were “turned out” by priests.

Others just subconsciously recognize The Truth when they see it, and recoil accordingly.

And yes, I did read this part:

“While it’s nearly impossible to confirm that all Magnotta’s social media profiles are legitimate, one Twitter account that appears to be Magnotta’s contains links to white supremacy groups including StormFront and the Ku Klux Klan.

Magnotta posted a link to one facebook group which aims to “stop the new fascism of multiculturalism.”

Worth noting is that Magnotta’s alleged victim was Asian.”

If you on the Left get to “make something” of that, then I get to “make something” of the narcissistic-gay-”bi”-club kid stuff that makes up the other 95% of his bio.


Gay Morning Zoo: ‘We’ll be right back with news, weather and T-cell count!’

Otherwise, can you really tell the difference between this and real morning drive a.m.?


Men, you know I normally stick up for you, but…

This is why we (sometimes) think you’re stupid:

She liked an Edwardian pendant so much that she phoned the owner later and asked him to reserve it. Then she told me what she had done and assumed I would do the rest.

I wasn’t having it. Instead, I found four perfectly decent Edwardian wine glasses and then went to the Royal Mews near Buckingham Palace and bought a £49 Diamond Jubilee commemorative cup and saucer in a pretty box.

My friend Jane says the cup and saucer ‘though lovely in its way’ was a bad move because thousands of others have the exact same thing. (…)

She also mentioned that one of  the first presents I gave her was  a framed Bob Dylan concert poster. I have a passion for Dylan and gave her the poster because I wanted to share that love with her. 

That he bought four is the kicker.

Not two — i.e., a couple’s thing — but four — “We’re having company, honey! You’ll clean up the house, right?”

And a Royal commemorative cup and saucer sends that romantic message:

“I think of you as my dried up old grandma who I hate visiting!”

I DO hope the Great Dylan Mistake is self-explanatory.

RELATED awesomeness:

He had cheated on me when I was being treated for breast cancer, betraying me at a time when I needed him most.

Although he had moved in with his girlfriend — a widow in her 60s — he claimed the relationship meant nothing. In endless heart-rending texts and phone calls, he begged for forgiveness and pleaded for a second chance.


The first REAL black President (in waiting) (video)

RELATED — “Former Democratic Rep. Artur Davis  of Alabama is officially leaving the party for the GOP, he announced Tuesday.”

And did you catch this?


’10 Reasons You Should Skip Traditional Publishers and Self-Publish Ebooks Instead’


So if you’re really, really lucky, you’re looking at a minimum of about two years from the time you query agents till you see your baby sitting on bookstore shelves.

But by “going indie,” you can squeeze that publishing process into a few weeks. As I described in my previous post, it took just 17 days from the time I finished HUNTER until it was available for sale online. It took only three more weeks until the print edition went on sale.

Touches on THE biggest problem, but doesn’t face it head on:

Book publishing attracts earnest incompetents who “luv boooookkkkssss!!!!!” but  hate “business” and “money.”

I worked in book publishing for years. Believe me:

The only staffers who can afford to work at a publishing house tend to be either very young (and stupid) or older beta males who never had much ambition and talent to begin with (and resent your success, so subconsciously sabotage authors!)

Anyone listening to the Adam Carolla podcast these days has heard (again and again) the saga of the battle he had with editorial over the wording of a joke on the back cover. One of his guests revealed that her name was misspelled on the bottom of every single page of her book (which was released by a VERY big house.)

All for the privilege of making a buck a book, a year after its sold, if you’re lucky.


Shameless liberal bias at PRWeb, world’s biggest press release company?

Incredible — they don’t even want your money:

PRWeb, which seems to indiscriminately distribute press releases from businesses, politicians, bloggers, activists and just about everyone, drew the line at sending out a paid report from BOPAC, explaining that it cited information from WND, which management considered not “credible” and a “biased source of news.”


‘Methinks the Poles doth protest too much about this ‘controversy’…’

(As I was saying earlier this morning.)

Now William Daroff, Vice President for Public Policy of the Jewish Federations of North America, says:

“Hiding behind the crimes of the Nazis does not lessen the fact that Polish anti-Semitism has hundreds of years of murderous history.

“Pogroms occurred before the Nazis occupied Poland, and they occurred after the Nazis were defeated.”


For those who don’t know: ‘Snerdley’ is Rush’s call screener (and a black guy)

Rush Limbaugh:

Snerdley wants me to zero in on the “blacker than any actual black person” [segment of Toni Morrison's comments], and he thinks the jury is still out on this.  


‘Did Barbara Hall change the law when no one was looking?’

Brian Lilley reports:

But the biggest wow in there has to be the last bit, “…including gender identity.”

Ummm, when did the legislature pass a law making gender identity a prohibited grounds of discrimination?

The answer is that they didn’t but Barbara Hall wants it in there so she’s putting it in. 


Michael Coren and I talk about Bernie Farber tonight at 7pm ET

UPDATE: Alas, as you’ve note doubt discerned, I have been preempted by the “shocking” news that a “bisexual” (gay) would-be porn star is wanted for a gruesome (likely drug induced/related) murder and dismemberment.

Don’t tell me:

He was bullied in school, right…?

Born this waaaaayyyy!!!!

As I type these very words, somewhere a gay porn producer is designing the cover art for a sex film inspired by this saga, to be called Manhunt.

You think I’m kidding.



Tune in to The Arena at 7pm, with Michael Coren.

We kind of forgot to mention what led to my booking in the first place, however.

PS: Here’s the January 2009 incident I talk about on tonight’s show, and Mark Steyn’s subsequent scolding of Farber.

PPS: T-shirt available here. (50% off with code DADSCASENTEE  — ends tomorrow)


‘Whatever interesting responses came from the post, I now regret writing it.’

UPDATEHere’s the REAL scandal:

And there is enormous pressure to do as little as possible in terms of original content, and original research.

That’s simply the reality of the newsroom and my chief complaint about journalism professors is how distant they are from a real newsroom (or, even any newsroom at all, one admitted to me he had only spent 6 months as a reporter 20 years ago). …

(My ORIGINAL POST follows):

Henry Blodget adds:

“I’m okay making people feel uncomfortable about some topics, but not this one.”

So what in the world did he write, you ask?

His original post begins:

“Citizens in Britain were startled recently when a religious-studies exam featured the question, ‘why do some people hate Jews?’

“The question was immediately blasted as inappropriate and quickly withdrawn.

“But it’s an interesting and important question.”

Well, duh. I thought that was a fairly commonplace puzzle:

Why has such a tiny (and frankly, smart, creative and productive) group of people inspired such rabid and frequently fatal loathing for thousands of years?

(The obvious answer lies between those parenthesis above.)

But of course, I’m borderline Aspergers and don’t understand the fuss about any question.

Words are just words, after all, and truth is the most important thing, no?

I often forget the basic fact that most people are stupider than I am.

So from what I can make out, many many people didn’t want Blodget to ask this question (even though it has been asked by hundreds of people for thousands of years.)

However, along with his lengthy apology for daring to do so, his equally apologetic “Note”s and “Updates” to the post are now both longer than the “offensive” original, and unintentionally hilarious.