A timely reminder: The guy who asked ‘Can’t we all just get along?’ is a chronic alcoholic and repeat felon

How America’s “Kings” went from “Martin Luther” to “Rodney” is a story few want to tell.

Arnie and I used to say while watching Sober House that when the two sanest sounding people in the joint were Andy Dick and Rodney King, that’s a pretty sad commentary.

On Celebrity Rehab Revisited, King he told Bob Forrest that he still drinks alcohol — but gave up beer because it made him sh*t too much blood. Keep coming back!

What?! You didn’t know Rodney King drank and then literally pissed away that zillion dollar settlement? You’re welcome, California tax payers.

PS: I like that getting hit on the head by the cops helped King “hit bottom” though:

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