Remember: If pro-life campaigns were working, we wouldn’t still need pro-life campaigns

Alas, this writer is talking to a wall, because with a few noble exceptions, pro-lifers are notoriously stiff-necked, old and stupid.

They prize “seniority” over anything else, hate creative new ideas and tend to be exceedingly unworldly, unattractive and unpleasant.

They’ll still be wearing their stupid “tiny footprint” lapel pins when the zillionth baby is aborted.

Worse, they’ll stand there tsking the whole time: “Why didn’t anyone listen to us??”

This guy is in for the comments-pounding of his life — because he’s committing the cardinal sin of “making sense.”

The crass, secular Hollywood movie Knocked Up has prevented more abortions than decades of post-Roe v Wade tactics, and that should make pro-lifers hang their heads in shame — except they are so dumb they’ve never even heard of Knocked Up and would never lower themselves to watch a mainstream film.

And please don’t tell me he (and I) are stereotyping pro-lifers. I’ve been around them for years. They are 90% embarrassing and ineffective.

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