Do blacks litter more than whites?

Litter makes fake Indians cry. What about other folks?

Exhibit A:

The Marietta Daily Journal published an editorial on the event that hilariously pointed out the Orange Crush event (let’s be honest: it’s an all-Black event) produced far more trash than events — such as fireworks — that are an order of magnitude larger in crowd size.

Exhibit B:

Toronto had to move Caribana down to Lakeshore where no one else could see the mess, because one parade left University Avenue looking post-apocalyptic.

I stepped out of the Osgoode subway station the morning after Caribana once and found myself ankle-deep in cardboard pizza slicer holders and giant drink cups. The garbage was deeper than some of the snow falls we get.

Exhibit C:

And who can ever forget the trash after the Obama inauguration?

Exhibit D:

Why do ghetto people love to litter?

Do ghetto people notice how much cleaner other communities are, and do they think it just happens?

Exhibit E:

How can I implore my neighbors to keep the place clean and chicken bone free without feeling like I’m betraying some black chicken brotherhood?

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