‘I’m from Vancouver BC, where we don’t have black people’

Kellen Powell:

When you see one it’s usually either someone visiting from the US or one of the rare black unicorns that actually reside here.

I mention this because I feel not growing up around the kind of racial tension more common in other parts of North America left me as kind of blank slate.

I didn’t start have an opinion about it until I was a grown up.

That said, I was also raised properly, and as a child was told not to judge people based on the color of their skin by infinity authority figures.

A year and a half ago I moved to Nashville for 4 months with my girlfriend.

We were living in a neighborhood that’s mostly broke white artsy-fartsy 20-somethings, but is bordered by black neighborhoods.

I figured at first that because of my upbringing and my Canadian niceness racial tension wouldn’t be an issue for me and I’d be immune to its ill effects.

I learned pretty quickly that I wasn’t.

Don’t miss this great comment.

And ask yourself again why we keep pretending to wholeheartedly admire these guys for bullying private property owners and undermining the right to free association.

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