‘European nationalism: Golden Dawn or old and gone?’

Jim Goad:

Only a detached leftist academic would think that in a time of economic depression, mass immigration of mostly unassimilable and often culturally hostile foreigners would help the working class rather than harm it.

Only a deluded leftist ideologue or a media-brainwashed useful idiot would keep scratching their head at the persistently stubborn resurgence of nationalism without pausing to ponder that perhaps tribalism is an ineradicable human instinct rather than a sinister psychological aberration. (…)

In last week’s elections, Golden Dawn performed best in crime-addled areas of central Athens, gaining up to a quarter of the vote in some precincts.

What could those voters possibly know that might escape some faraway Brussels Eurocrat in their cramped grey hypoallergenic cubicle…?


Thanks for putting two of my pieces in the Taki Top 5 this week; my rant against stupidity is now #1

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