Corporate Media’s Boob Job: my latest at Taki’s

Here’s an excerpt — the comments are already piling up:

My first reaction to that over-discussed TIME magazine cover showing a woman breastfeeding her way-too-old son was:

“Wait—TIME magazine is still around?”

Predictably, this naked example of stunt publishing has been the subject of countless OpEds and blog posts. Breastfeeding became the obvious call-in topic for lazy talk-radio producers across the nation.

The TIME cover even got the Saturday Night Live treatment over the weekend.

(Wait—Saturday Night Live is still on…?)  (…)

Even by midweek, the media still hadn’t squeezed the last drop of milk from this teat.

After feigning their dedication to “informing the public” (about something of which the public was already aware), the media quickly moved on to covering the really important topic:


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