Gee, this sounds SO familiar… if only I could put my finger on it…

Another day, another crazy leftist on the internet tries to ruin a conservative blogger’s life:

Readers may remember Aaron from his blogging turn at Patterico’s Pontifications. It turns out his real name is Aaron Walker. He’s an attorney. Some time back he blogged some basic factual information on Brett Kimberlin.

Kimberlin was convicted of a series of bomb attacks in 1981. One of his victims, Carl DeLong, later committed suicide as a direct result of his injuries in the attack.

After blogging about him, Worthing was targeted by Kimberlin for a vicious and literally deranged campaign of political and legal stalking and harassment. (…)

Both Worthing and his wife were fired from their jobs (their boss feared a terrorist attack on their place of business).

But what’s especially interesting is how much support Kimberlin had on the hard-left progressive community.  (…)

I suppose I was lucky in a sense. I was able to defend myself against the malicious attacks from this mob without too much personal cost, financially and emotionally. And of course my employment is safe.

But make no mistake: The goal of these progressive cowards was to have me fired. And what’s so amazing is how seriously those contacted by my enemies took the lies and allegations against me.

Carl Salonen even had an investigation at my college initiated upon the demand of California Attorney General Kamala Harris. See my full report, with the libelous allegations attached: “Carl Salonen Libelous Workplace Allegations of Child Pornography and Sexual Harassment at Long Beach City College.”


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