Michael Coren and I talk about Bernie Farber tonight at 7pm ET

UPDATE: Alas, as you’ve note doubt discerned, I have been preempted by the “shocking” news that a “bisexual” (gay) would-be porn star is wanted for a gruesome (likely drug induced/related) murder and dismemberment.

Don’t tell me:

He was bullied in school, right…?

Born this waaaaayyyy!!!!

As I type these very words, somewhere a gay porn producer is designing the cover art for a sex film inspired by this saga, to be called Manhunt.

You think I’m kidding.



Tune in to The Arena at 7pm, with Michael Coren.

We kind of forgot to mention what led to my booking in the first place, however.

PS: Here’s the January 2009 incident I talk about on tonight’s show, and Mark Steyn’s subsequent scolding of Farber.

PPS: T-shirt available here. (50% off with code DADSCASENTEE  — ends tomorrow)

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