American Temperament: Myers-Briggs and the Founding Fathers

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I’m an INTJ, but my “S” and “N” are sooooo close…

INTJs are “rare” (but of course!) especially females.

INTJs are among the most independent of the sixteen types.

Their theme songs may be “My Way.”

As with other NTs, this independence often gives them an aura of arrogance that makes in-depth relationships develop slowly.

For INTJs, such behavior is simply the result of their attempt to stimulate the world around them.

At both work and play they can often seem aloof and sometimes argumentative.

They can be stunned, even appear hurt, when others accuse them of being distant and seemingly uncaring, but it is, ironically, the INTJs’ caring that has been the source of the provocation.

They may even seem surprised at others’ taking offense when their motivation was fostering improvement.

Again, as with other NTs, INTJs learn by arguing, part of their continuing quest to understand the universe.

The problem is that an INTJ’s “friendly discussion” may be seen by others as hostile, even obnoxious behavior.

Statistically, there are more male INTJs than female.

Not surprisingly, the INTJ female’s independence, intellectual aloofness, and arguementative style may result in her feeling somewhat out of step with those attributes more traditionally associated with femininity.

For an INTJ female to be true to herself may put her out of step with the mainstream.

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