‘Media told us incessantly that serial killers were overwhelmingly white, male, 20-45 years old’

MUST READ by Nicholas Stix:

Blacks still repeat this canard. The father of that false profile: Robert Ressler of the FBI’s behavioral science unit. But Justin Cottrell’s new book, Rise of the Black Serial Killer: Documenting a Startling Trend
demonstrates that serial killers today are overwhelmingly black men, and that Ressler lied in court when he stated: “There are very few non-white serial killers.”

Cottrell argues that Ressler was afraid of being called a racist. I think Ressler had an appetite for the limelight and simply told the leftwing MSM what they wanted to hear. The MSM reciprocated by making Ressler a star.

Look: I love Criminal Minds, too.

But folks watch Lord of the Rings and don’t believe elves are real.

These “FBI profiler” guys get to me.

One of Ressler’s books is called Whoever Fights Monsters.

You become the thing you hate zzzzzzz.

Or look at John Douglas (aka the guy they based Jodie Foster’s boss on).

His books (one of which begins with a detailed account of his Martin-Sheen-on-the-set-of-Apocalypse-Now meltdown in the middle of a tough case) have titles like Journey Into Darkness and Obsession.

Because, you see, it’s tough out there for a profiler.

Anyhow, last I checked, Douglas sounded convinced that Guy Paul Morin is guilty because, hey, the profile.

“The (exonerating) DNA evidence in [that] case,” he writes, “might just be a red herring.” (!)

But again, I’m obliged to recommend Malcolm Gladwell’s profile of the profilers, and his contention that a lot of this stuff is (conscious or unconscious) vaudvillian “cold reading.”

See also “Clever Hans” for a good analogy. Even horses can do cold readings.

And the Richard Jewell fiasco — actually, that is not a strong enough word — is only one of those cases that make you wonder:

How many people has the FBI killed?

By the Bureau’s own definition, does it qualify as a serial killer?

PS? Gay.

UPDATE: The forgotten Zebra Killer(s) — great job, Harvey Milk!

What happened in San Francisco between 1973 and 1974 – with 14 whites killed and eight others seriously maimed in racial assaults by Black men - didn’t attract national attention from Frank Sinatra, Muhammad Ali, or other celebrities like the Atlanta Child Murders did seven years later (as a side, it’s obvious Wayne Williams only killed a few – if any – of the 28 Black people that are part of “the list”: there was no serial killer loose in the 98 percent Black ghettos of Atlanta during the first part of 1980; it was just Black people doing what they do in every city in America, making their communities unsafe and driving down property value via the standard operating procedure of Blackness).

No, the Zebra Killings (hundreds of other attacks on – and murders of – whites in California at that same time never were solved) were an attempt by members of the Nation of Islam to cleanse white people from San Francisco. It was an undeclared race war.


Imagine a time when the “phenomenon” of  lots of black kids turning up dead was automatically believed to be the work of racist white man or men, especially since the location was Atlanta.

Whether or not it was 100% true, it was awfully daring of profiler Douglas (or, actually, the local guy who pointed this out to him) that only another African-American could possibly be wandering around those neighborhoods unnoticed. Nobody wanted to hear that (except for the black detectives, who were relieved they at least didn’t have a “racist” killer on the loose.)

Today, we hear about “lots of dead black kids” and assume that they’re killing each other, and we’re probably right.

(Jamie Foxx has a Zebra Killer movie out next year. Note that in the one in the poster above, it turns out that the killer is an evil white guy disguised as a black guy.)

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