According to history, over 100 years ago, a man named Bernie Farber got hold of a nuclear warhead (*)

(* Sorry, that’s the first thing that popped into my head.)

Laura Rosen Cohen eviserates Bernie Farber, who — get this — condemned dangerous, injurious “toxic” “hate speech” last weekend by… reprinting it in the Ottawa Citizen.

You think I’m kidding.

These were phrases he and his friends succeeded in getting banned from the internet, and the sites hosting them taken down.

So then Farber put them back up. Himself!!

But you see, Bernie Farber is a liberal, and as I keep saying, in the interest of accuracy, liberals really need to rename themselves the “It’s Different When We Do It”s.

Bernie Farber is the reason Yiddish has a hundred words for “stupid.”

I’m tellin’ you: that boy’s menorah ain’t lit!

Here’s Laura (but read the whole thing):

In June 2012, So Much Hate Exploded in Canada That the Entire World Blew Up!

Yes — in June, 2012 all the Jews of Canada were suddenly D-E-A-D. An incredible TSUNAMI of HATE washed upon the shores of Canada, and it was all the fault of the eeeeevil Stephen Harper and his eeeevil henchmen: The Mean Yucky Bloggers who cheered him on as his hateful MP stuck a nail into the coffin of Section 13.

The reaction was swift. Hate started spilling over into every aspect of Canadian life. Synagogues were closed, Jewish schools shut down, Jews were afraid to go to work. They got fired, and people spat at them on the street. And nasty conservative writers like Mark Steyn and TV bullies like Ezra Levant walked around in sacks and put ashes on their heads, and wore sandwich boards saying: Bernie, You Were Right After All.


I can’t believe I am still alive today!

Someone wrote crappy “hate speech” on the internet, and HERE I AM.

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