What gay agenda?! Toronto School Board teaches cross dressing in elementary schools

Another EXCLUSIVE report from my husband, BCF, who has posted the entire document on his blog.

It’s pretty obvious to any sane person that this is another example of gay-agenda, NAMBLA inspired grooming in schools.

(See here for the connection between NAMBLA and former Obama “safe” gay schools czar Kevin Jennings.)

If you send your child to a Toronto public school, are you guilty of child abuse?

Note: to paraphrase Mark Shea — today Sandusky is a villain, but wait 20 years and you’ll see Tony-award winning plays celebrating him as a misunderstood pioneer of “man-boy” love.

UPDATE: the author of 10,000 Dresses, Marcus Ewert, is a legend in gay-beat circles, having been the lover of William S. Burroughs and Allan Ginsberg, among others.

He appeared in the movie version of Frisk, based on the novel by Dennis Cooper.

Frisk was “the” book around 1991, heavily promoted in Toronto alternative bookstores. It is probably the only book I’ve never been able to finish based on content (not boredom), and I have a high tolerance for gore. It’s basically the gay version of American Psycho, or — as Arnie just quipped when I described it to him — The Luca Magnotta Primer.

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