‘Why tattoos make my flesh crawl’

Am I the only female alive without tattoos or piercings — and proud of it?

Neil Davenport on the de-volution of “cool”:

In a deeply narcissistic age, self-aggrandising tattoos have become the body badge of choice for thousands. But by enlarging ourselves with tattoos, we’re belittling ourselves in the process. It’s a sign of our low expectations that having control over flesh decorations is considered to be the limit of our capacities as an individual. So while shaping the outside world seems near impossible, you can at least shape barbed-wire patterns on your arm.

By the way: watch the hysteria that accompanies pieces like this. Tattoo freaks are almost as bad as trannies in terms of sheer touchiness and irrationality.

Which comes as no surprise since they can’t help but take these criticisms personally: these narcissists’ entire identities are embodied in their ugly expensive “ink” or their collection of size 12 pumps.

PS: As I’ve been saying for decades, “cool” is not a Christian concept.

You can only be one or the other.

The attempt to be both is the sand upon which every Christian attempt at “relevancy” has been constructed, with predictable results.

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