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If only ‘Blue Sunshine’ (1978) had been a better movie

Concept had great allegorical potential:

Hippies find out the acid they dropped in the 60s has some interesting long term side affects…

Except I’d make it so that those who took it never die, but everyone around them suffers.

Just like real life!

(Yes, the NYT mentioned mine and Rick McGinnis’s old blog Boomer Deathwatch today!)


‘A Jew walks into a bar and rapes a girl’s vagina…’

Video guide to comedy club etiquette.

Way better than you’d expect:


Is Alliance Against Forced Marriage in Canada more concerned about not looking ‘racist’ than saving women?

My husband read their “anti-racist, anti-oppression” mission statement stuff, and asks:

Anti-oppressive and anti-racist? Now what does that mean? Well I sense that it means one must never mention Islam. In fact in a site search of I got exactly one hit for Islam. The link takes you to an “academic paper”  (…) which  states that any mention of Islam in the context of Forced Marriage is Islamophobic!

The site is full of such leftist drivel even citing Occupy Wall Street & Slutwalk as examples of positive activism. (…)

AMFM is funded by Status of Women Canada in partnership with Agincourt Community Services Association.

In other words your tax dollars are funding a distorted pathetic left wing pantomime.


Americans ‘are cheese-surrendering eating-monkeys’

Mark Steyn nails it – Americans talk a good talk (and wear a good t-shirt), but in reality…

Most of all they were amused by the constant refrain from the American Right that if the nation doesn’t change course it will end up as mired in statism as Europe.

“Americans love Big Government as much as Europeans,” one chap told me. “The only difference is that Americans refuse to admit it.”

He attributed this to our national myth-making — “I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free.” Maybe they should change it to “at least I know it’s free.”

In 1979, 7 percent of Americans received means-tested government benefits; by 2009, it was over 30 percent.

In 2000, 17 million Americans were on food stamps; today, it’s 46 million.

In the last three years, 2.6 million Americans have signed on with new employers, but 3.1 million have signed on for disability checks.

In little more than a generation, dependency has metastasized in America. Workplace death and accident rates have fallen by 40 percent since the Sixties, but apparently the safer the American work environment gets the more people are disabled by it.


Only a few hours — and $250 — to go! Please help my co-defendants…

keep fighting for free speech on the internet!

UPDATE: Mission accomplished! Thanks to everyone who donated.



Elizabeth Warren — aka ‘Sacadabullsh*t’ — to address Democratic Convention

They nominated John Kerry once, remember? These people are brain dead.


I never understood why Al didn’t want to have sex with Peg either (video)

Ian Forety writes:

She wore skintight pants and had giant red hair and was always horny.

Honestly, I couldn’t fathom anything else I would ever need in life.

300+ comments!

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Considering the fact that his mother looked like a Milwaukee streetwalker, Bud Bundy had surprisingly few friends.


Actual ‘airline arbitration chef’ discovered?

Adam Carolla’s weekend encounters with Air Canada go pretty much like you’d expect.


‘I thought the internet age had ended this kind of censorship’

Well, not exactly, Guy — the internet age, and Boss Twitter in particular, has brought us a whole new kind…

Guy Adams writes:

A fourth thing they do not want people to see is the email address of Gary Zenkel, the executive responsible for this shambles. And a fifth thing is my Twitter feed, which over the weekend contained a couple of dozen occasionally uncouth observations about their coverage, several of which were accompanied by the trending hashtag: “#NBCfail.”

I’m still awaiting a detailed explanation from Twitter as to why my account was immediately suspended.

Yeah, er — you’ll be waiting forever.

UPDATE: Account restored.


‘Showtime at the Apology’ (video)

The kids at SHECKY can’t believe we’re still playing this game:

[Dane] Cook created this week’s “Comic Under Fire for a Video/Audio Recording Taken Out of Context and Splashed Across the Social Mediasphere” controversy when he did a joke– onstage at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood, naturally– about the Aurora shooting. (…)

The points we made three years ago are startlingly familiar to the ones we make in 2012.

It’s getting a little tiresome, defending our colleagues (against scurrilous comments often made by our colleagues!), but we can’t just let it slide.

But it’s also getting tiresome watching our colleagues apologize.


Another anti-Israel rally coming to Queen’s Park? (video)

Remember those other fabtastic al Quds Day celebrations in Toronto? (Photos and video from 2009.)

Another may be on the way:

Last year, one of the low points in civic engagement in Ontario was an anti-Semitic hate rally at Queen’s Park held by local Shia Muslim organizations to commemorate what they refer to as “al Quds Day.” This is an event in the Shia calendar initiated by the brutal Iranian despot Ayatollah Khomeini to try to garner support for the destruction of the Jewish state and the so-called liberation of the Holy Land of Israel from the Jews, to be replaced by an Islamic state.

Politicians of all stripes were shocked and embarrassed that an event was held at the seat of Ontario’s government that was anti-Semitic and featured hate mongers like Zafar Bangash, a notorious supporter of the vicious Iranian dictatorship which persecutes and murders dissidents and minorities. 

Last year, Bangash called for a Jihad against Jerusalem whereby Islamic law would be imposed upon Israel.

In a startling new development, another ‘al Quds Day’ rally at Queen’s Park on August 18 was just announced by a group calling itself the al Quds Committee.

Friends of Simon Wiesenthal believes that while free speech is an essential component of a democratic society, the Provincial government should not sanction organisations calling for war, death and hate towards Jews by sanctioning their use of public property for such a purpose.


Muslims + airports = guaranteed awesomeness!

From the people who brought you “We won’t take your dog, you lesbian Jewess!”…

Now this:

On July 16, drivers received a memo from Toronto Port Authority ground services manager Antonella Tarantino as a “final warning” about messy washrooms.

“Urinating and defecating on the floor, walls, hand driers etc. is not acceptable and will result in all taxi drivers being refused access to the building,” the memo obtained by the Star says.

Once again:

Two Canadian journalists have told me that photos were taken of Toronto Muslim cab drivers celebrating 9/11 outside Union Station.

(Which happens to be awfully close to both the Toronto Star and the Globe & Mail.)

Naturally, these photos never ran in either paper, or any other.

I suspect these images were destroyed, but I still pray they’ll surface one day.

PS: Halt Muslim immigration to the West.


My blogger-husband makes news again: Toronto ‘educators’ to deprogram parental teachings about sex (video)

Thanks Michael Coren!

PLUS: the new 6pm ET show:


Race Cost Her the Race: my NEW Taki’s piece

Have fun in the comments…

Wikipedia helpfully provides this list of distinguished “Black African immigrants to Greece”:

• Daniel Batista Lima – Soccer player
• Yvette Jarvis – Former basketball player
• Nestoras Kommatos – professional basketball player
• Sofoklis Schortsanitis – professional basketball player
• Isaias Matiaba – Singer
• Nery Mantey Niangkouara – former swimmer
• MC Yinka – Rapper

In other words, so far these immigrants make the same “contributions” to their new homes that make Black History Month the world over seem three weeks too long.

When asked how best to arrest a nation’s economic meltdown, neither Milton Friedman nor John Maynard Keynes ever prescribed “more rappers and basketball players.”


Before Martha Stewart, there was ‘Harriet Craig’ (1950)

This film didn’t make it into my forthcoming PJMedia piece — “Female Movie Villains I Love”.

Alas, Harriet Craig is not out on DVD, but it plays regularly on TCM.

PS: For what it’s worth i.e, the final product, I was reminded while re-watching a doc on Joan Crawford last night that she had an affair with her married Harriet Craig director. (Who said the character had a great deal in common with the compulsively clean Crawford.)

Before Martha Stewart, there was Harriet Craig.

Except, unfortunately for everyone around her, she didn’t channel her obsession with domestic perfection and conspicuous displays of middle brow “good taste” into a billion-dollar business.

Like John Water’s farcical Serial Mom decades later, Craig focuses her overweening ambition on a very tiny target – her immediate family, which she aims to keep as tiny (and manageable) as possible.

And we all know what happens when you concentrate the sun’s rays through a magnifying glass and onto an anthill.

Harriet Craig is a lesser-known entry in Joan Crawford’s array of semi-autobiographical “shopgirl” movies.

Crawford’s most famous persona was one she shared with Barbara Stanwick: the dirt poor, clever, plain girl who cartoonishly exaggerates her best physical features, unveils her new identity in the big city, is quickly recognized as a briskly efficient, indispensable gal, then sets out to marry a business tycoon – or become the tycoon herself.

This 1950 film could be said to begin after all those earlier “The End”s. Mrs. Craig has married her rich man, and is now determined to make a perfect home for him – whether he likes it or not.

We learn the sordid details of Harriet’s childhood at the end of the film, the drugstore-Freudian source of her compulsions and insecurities.