Weaponized pork: An idea whose time actually came a while ago

Robert Weissberg:

The beauty of pork-based riot control is its incredible flexibility. For all-purpose crowd dispersal, shotgun shells could be loaded up with bacon bits. Such “pigshot” could quickly break up rowdy demonstrators without harming a flea, let alone damaging the environment. Tanks could be modified into mobile Chinese field kitchens, complete with a traditional large exterior ventilating circular fan. When the enemy is within range and the wind conditions are right, pork strips would be cooked in giant woks. With the scent of freshly cooked pork everywhere, demonstrators will be traumatized. Many of those pork-smelling fanatics will be barred from their own homes, cafes, and other public places. What Sharia-compliant Muslim wife would sleep with a man reeking of filthy swine? Some will have to burn their clothing and take multiple baths—hardly a welcome option in societies averse to daily bathing.

Unfortunately, the author notes that this ammunication could be used against Orthodox Jews in the West Bank as well.

I’m just surprised Weissberg and his commenters haven’t mentioned Pershing yet.

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