Twitter-besieged Adam Carolla just ‘doesn’t give a sh*t’

Heh — (I wonder if this is the poor print reporter he was complaining about today…)

“Let’s be clear in this article,” comedian Adam Carolla, 48, says.

“I don’t give a shit. I sell out theaters. I have a business. I don’t need anybody. Twitter away all you want. I’ll be at the racetrack.”

A few days prior to our interview, the host of the web’s most downloaded podcast, The Adam Carolla Show, was lambasted online for telling the New York Post that when it comes to comedy writers “dudes are funnier than chicks.”

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My top choices of non-winners to come back for an all-star edition would include Lil Jon, Adam Carolla, Sharon Osbourne, Marlee Matlin, Mark McGrath, Meat Loaf, and Penn Jilette.

I particularly would plead for the Ace Man (Carolla) to make a return due to his somewhat arbitrary ouster (though he’s culpable only in the sense that he refused to take any of his teammates into the boardroom), but his refreshingly open comments about Trump and reality show editing shenanigans on his popular podcast, The Adam Carolla Show, could nix a potential invite.

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