Canadian leftists abuse Twitter’s ‘flag spam’ function to shut down conservative account

Last week, I told you about this phenomenon, at Taki’s.

And this morning I quoted Brendan O’Neill about the Left’s conflation of “trolling” with “spam” that needs to be censored.

Yesterday it happened again:

On Tuesday released a video calling out LUSH Cosmetics for their ethical hypocrisy. For those of you not familiar with LUSH, they are a soap company that makes millions off of women and sells the sham that they’re champions of women. Yet in Saudi Arabia, where LUSH also does business, they remain silent, submitting to the Saudi way. Saudi Arabia not only oppresses women, but religious minorities, political dissidents, and gays and lesbians.

But those opposed to our efforts apparently don’t want to debate. Instead [former] contributor Alheli Picazo and her cadre of activists have taken a page from the Saudi playbook to censor those with political view points they disagree with.

Rather than attempt to rebut or refute what we said, Picazo did what the Saudis would do: CENSORSHIP!

Picazo led a charge to censor what we have to say and had our Twitter account, @BloodLushAlerts, (temporarily) shut down. What’s perhaps the most appalling is that Picazo thinks these deplorable tactics are a joke.

Here’s the screen shot of her comments:

As I was saying above about the Left’s self-serving re-definitions of “spam” and “trolling,” here’s Picazo in her own words:

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