Chasing Away the (Denise) Rich

Gavin McInnes writes:

Saverin’s family brought millions of dollars into the country when they moved here from Brazil.

He paid through the nose for his Harvard education and during that time he helped create a trillion-dollar corporation.

Today’s tax structure says he’d be charged around $67 million NOT to renounce his citizenship. What would you do? (…)

As the much more mathematically inclined Bill Whittle explains, this administration is spending $10 billion a day. If you taxed every millionaire in the country at 100% you still wouldn’t be able to take a chip out of the deficit.

When Whittle gives all millionaires’ wealth to the government and adds all of the Fortune 500’s top revenue, all the ad dollars from the Super Bowl, and every professional sports star’s full salary, he says it covers about six months of government spending. That leaves us with no rich people, no corporations, and no jobs.

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