‘So I Lied to the Red Cross A Few Times. So What?’

Kate Conway — who you know voted for Obama and went to grad school — writes:

“You’re supposed to ‘fess up before donating blood if you’ve had sex with any queer guys. I didn’t, and I don’t feel that bad about it.”

Yes, you read that right:

Gays are “born gay” BUT “sexuality is fluid” AND “you can’t turn a gay guy straight anymore than you can turn a straight guy gay” zzzzzzzzzzzzzcontradictorytalkingpoints


Added funny:

“When the DHHS denied a whole group of people from accessing that activism, they were effectively cutting them off from this strange community. Apparently, to receive no donations at all would be better than getting any ‘tainted’ blood. For years, society saw men who had sex with men as inherently promiscuous. HIV, I imagine, was the price they felt that older gays paid for their bacchanalian 20s. The homosexuals were poisoning the blood supply, and even dying straight Americans wanted no part of it.

“Anyone else spotting any metaphors here?”

Notice how for leftists, EVERYTHING is a “metaphor.”

Nothing actually is what it is. Everything has a “deeper meaning” that only leftist college grads can discern.

So congrats to Conway for reading her Sontag.

But while it is certainly true that “illness is metaphor,” it is true-er that ILLNESS IS ILLNESS first and foremost.

And on particularly contagious non-metaphoric illness called AIDS:

a) killed millions of black Africans before anybody gave a damn,

b) killed thousands of gays who to this day refuse to change their “proud” sexually opportunistic and drug fueled “cultural practices,” and

c) has sucked up billions of dollars that could have been invested in finding cures for all the “boring” that diseases normal, uncool, non-slut, non-addicted citizens get all the time.

Wonder what Conway will think when she’s fatally infected with a “tainted” bag of metaphors and scare quotes…

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