4 + 3 Be What? My NEW Taki’s piece

A look at the Toronto District School Board’s “Africentric” lesson plan:

Their Africentric lesson plan also features the following “math problem”:

Imagine you are an expert Kente cloth weaver in Ghana. The people of your village have asked you to make a special cloth to send as a gift to President-Elect Obama for his inauguration….How can you accomplish this important task?

Frankly, if I was an expert Kente cloth weaver in Ghana, I’d be thinking, “Hey, how come Obama’s brother still lives in a hut? Hell, why do I still live in a hut?”

(Although that presumes I was still equipped with my Western white-girl IQ, right? It’s all so confusing.)


The courses will be designated as academic in order to provide students with the most choice for future pathways; however, through the use of layered curriculum, students will reach the required expectations in their own way even if they are currently not at the academic level.

Translated out of “educator”-speak:

These courses will be categorized at what we used to call the “5″ level (i.e., for smart kids going on to college) when in fact they are really “4″s (i.e. the dummies who were just gonna have babies or work at Stelco anyhow.)

And the black kids in these new “Africentric” courses will be “passed” even if they take twice as long to finish the course.

Do your white or Asian children get special treatment like this? You know the answer.


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