Toronto doesn’t have a crime problem. Toronto has a Jamaican problem.

Peter Worthington:

In Toronto, the ones using guns — and the victims of shootings — mostly tend to be of Jamaican origin. Police know this, even if they can’t say so publicly.

Certainly Jamaicans know it, be they gun-wielding Jamaicans, victims of shootings, or Jamaicans who want no part of gun-culture and deplore violence, and who probably came to Canada to escape such violence in Jamaica itself.

In every election in Jamaica, there are reports of guns being used — not by the majority, but by the few who give the majority a bad name.

It is usually not people from Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, St. Lucia, Benin, etc. who are addicted to using guns in Canada.


Longshaw is adamant that her little barbecue kiddie party was co-opted by interlopers unknown to her.

Police sources, however, say it’s not uncommon for organizers to disguise booze-infused “blockos’’ as children’s parties to avoid police shutting them down before they get started.

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