Are video games the last p.c. free zone? My NEW Taki’s piece

Hope you’ll read the whole thing:

…video games are packed with villainous Chinamen (or, more accurately, “China-pandas”) and A-rabs. Racism is actually a “gameplay mechanic.”

All those “strong female characters” we hear so much about are mostly pushover sexbots.

One guide to video-game design intones approvingly, “Stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason.”

I’m both saddened and heartened by all this. It’s reassuring to learn that deracinated young males have carved out a Title IX-free oasis where they can still interact like, well, young males.

In our enervated, feminized, safety-first world, “video games are a simulacrum of masculine virtue: challenge, mastery, control.”


UPDATE — Usually I ignore the comments at my Taki’s pieces, but this time I couldn’t resist.

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