Antoine on Chick-fil-A: ‘The more research I do, the more the gay people look like asses’ (video)

Y’all remember Antoine, right?

PS — Rod Dreher puts it a little differently…

This is all about some fake-journalism scheme dreamed up by a few extremely parochial, bourgeois anti-Christian bigots who work in the Newsweek/Daily Beast building in lower Manhattan.

It’s not about reforming a great social wrong. It’s about destroying the reputation of a restaurant whose owners are traditional Christians who share the views on marriage of half the country. (…)

Listen, pro-gay folks: this kind of thing is why many Christians and other social conservatives fear what’s coming.

It is not enough for many on your side to achieve your goals of legal equality.

You seek to destroy anybody who dissents, including ruining them professionally. And you have the mainstream media on your side.

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