Did diversity and immigration help motivate the Aurora shooter?

James Fulford has already talked about the visa aspect:

“Dark Knight” Shooter Was A STEM Graduate Who Couldn’t Find Work


“If anything, I think society is pushing too many people through their education. Everyone graduates high school, right? Everyone should have a college education, right? To make that happen, they lower the standards. Guys like Holmes are passed through thinking they’re king of the world, and then they hit a brick wall. If they can’t make it, they can fall to pieces.”

Now Guy Somerset writes:

Holmes was even awarded a competitive internship at the prestigious Salk Institute. This was not the sort of mind one would describe as unhinged.

Yet after graduation, despite stellar references and outstanding grades, Holmes could only get a job at McDonald’s. (…)

One of two surgical residents at the Colorado hospital to which most of the victims were brought was named Comilla Sasson. Another was Allen Waziri.

On ABC, correspondent Cecilia Vega reported on the matter. At NBC, it was Miguel Almaguer. And Kyung Lah for CNN.

Did any of these people occupy positions Holmes might have filled? Probably not, but they do occupy American jobs that would have once gone to actual Americans, and they occupy them by the millions.

Meanwhile, the descendants of those who fought for, built up, and created the country are cavalierly shunted aside in favor of a glorified and crushing “diversity” neither they nor their ancestors ever voted on or requested. What could go wrong?

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