Toronto District School Board at it again: slamming parents for raising their kids incorrectly

My husband makes another discovery at the TDSB website — those “co-parent” teachers are there to undo any stupid, retrograde stuff about girls and boys you dare to teach your own children.

Some excerpts from the TDSB’s Gender Equity Resource Guide:

The TDSB is committed to supporting all students. Studies show that families begin to treat their children differently, based on gender, almost from the moment of birth. Educators are influential through their approach toward raising students’ awareness of gender stereotypes and barriers at a very early stage in children’s education. Together, educators and students can move from awareness to understanding, and from understanding to eliminating gender barriers wherever they may be found. (pg.1)

Gender is a primary regulator of classroom social interactions. Children actively take up what they have learned about gender roles from parents/guardians/caregivers, television, religion, etc., and use this often contradictory information to control each other’s behaviours. (pg.7)

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