Muslims + airports = guaranteed awesomeness!

From the people who brought you “We won’t take your dog, you lesbian Jewess!”…

Now this:

On July 16, drivers received a memo from Toronto Port Authority ground services manager Antonella Tarantino as a “final warning” about messy washrooms.

“Urinating and defecating on the floor, walls, hand driers etc. is not acceptable and will result in all taxi drivers being refused access to the building,” the memo obtained by the Star says.

Once again:

Two Canadian journalists have told me that photos were taken of Toronto Muslim cab drivers celebrating 9/11 outside Union Station.

(Which happens to be awfully close to both the Toronto Star and the Globe & Mail.)

Naturally, these photos never ran in either paper, or any other.

I suspect these images were destroyed, but I still pray they’ll surface one day.

PS: Halt Muslim immigration to the West.

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