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OMG, I think I still have a copy of this around here…

Remember — schizophrenia strikes at an early age.

Yesterday’s untreated female insanity is today’s “normal” social policy:

Shulamith Firestone, a widely quoted feminist writer who published her arresting first book, “The Dialectic of Sex,” at 25, only to withdraw from public life soon afterward, was found dead on Tuesday in her apartment in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan. She was 67.  (…)

Ms. Firestone extended Marxist theories of class oppression to offer a radical analysis of the oppression of women, arguing that sexual inequity springs from the onus of childbearing, which devolves on women by pure biological happenstance.

“Just as the end goal of socialist revolution was not only the elimination of the economic class privilege but of the economic class distinction itself,” Ms. Firestone wrote, “so the end goal of feminist revolution must be … not just the elimination of male privilege but of the sex distinction itself: genital differences between human beings would no longer matter culturally.”


Finally: Two people agree with me that the Paralympics aren’t really that great, actually

I’ve been saying this for 25 years.

Thanks for coming out, you two!

I’m glad people are getting so much pleasure out of the Paralympics and I don’t wish to knock either the competitors or disabled people generally. But there’s a bubble of sanctimoniousness surrounding the event and its media coverage which definitely needed popping – and I salute Frankie Boyle for being fearless enough to do it.

Brave outspoken souls like him are our final bulwark against the kind of cant and sanctimoniousness and sentimentality which first began to rot our national character in those grisly days after the death of Diana.


Rush Limbaugh blasts GOP wimpiness: Conservative talk radio weekly recap

My NEW Talk Radio Watch is up! Enjoy FREE audio highlights from the week in conservative talk radio, including:

  • Michael Savage remembers Neil Armstrong
  • Mark Levin talks with Mia Love
  • Glenn Beck is #11 on Forbes list of wealthiest celebs

UK: Pharmacist who asked colleague what her favourite sex position is LET OFF at tribunal because he had a ‘restrictive Muslim background’

Coming soon to a country near you.


‘We need a new term for a new mental psychosis: SELF RACISM’

Another commenter writes:

Heh. When I lived in Milwaukee, I occasionally met proggs who would lament that the city was “so segregated.” The looks on their faces when I’d mention the “for rent” signs in the black neighborhood where I worked–easily a third what they were paying for similar square footage in their white suburbs, and walking distance to small minority-owned shops!–were priceless.

No, what they wanted was to force other, less “enlightened” white people to move into those neighborhoods, while also ripping blacks out of their established neighborhoods and dispersing them into poor white neighborhoods (leaving their well-off communities intact). No consideration at all that people might not want to live so far from their churches or businesses or favorite restaurants or extended families.


‘Drink less, work more’

World’s richest woman:

“There is no monopoly on becoming a millionaire,” she writes. “If you’re jealous of those with more money, don’t just sit there and complain. Do something to make more money yourself – spend less time drinking, or smoking and socializing and more time working.”

The comments were part of a treatise on what she sees as Australia’s decline due to high taxes, high wages and over-regulation. Rinehart said taxes should fall, red tape should be cut, environmental rules relaxed and the minimum wage should be lowered.

My (former) best friend and I dated brothers when we were just out of high school. Compared to us, the family was really well off.

My friend was furious after the tactless one (her’s) had blithely chirped (I think he had Asperger’s…) “My dad makes more money than your dad because he works harder.”

Naturally, I forced myself to agree with her that that was a horrible thing to say. And it was unnecessarily blunt.

But it was also true.

Her dad was an oddball with a chip on his shoulder. The boyfriends’ dad was an oddball too — don’t get me started — but he was, frankly, smarter, and clearly able to shelve the “oddballness” and/or get into a profession that rewarded or overlooked it (like some kind of specialized engineering, if I recall correctly.)

My friend’s dad didn’t work hard so much as he had a shitty low level job.

Those two things are NOT identical, but, being a socialist, she thought they were. (So does Obama.)

Like her father, she never worked really hard at any job she managed to get — coming in late, leaving early and taking smoke breaks — rationalizing that she WOULD work hard when she finally landed a job she felt she deserved.


Ah yes… Famous Future Presidents of the Past…

Mario Cuomo. Ted Kennedy. John F. Kennedy, Jr. Rudy Giuliani. Adlai Stevenson.

Again: Let’s concentrate on the “now”, m’kay?


Dear Alice Moran: You may not be interested in rape, but rape is definitely interested in you

Good plan, Alice Moran:

Next time a guy grabs you, just smack him with a rolled up copy of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms!

I too “believe” I have a “right” not to be attacked. Duh.

But just “believing” XYZ and saying these empty words over and over again accomplished nothing and prevents nothing.

“Rights” and “beliefs” are kryptonite to shit all.

I “believe” I have a “right” not to have my house burned down too.

Boy, that virtual Platonic ephemeral “right-belief” will really stop that scheming arsonist from squirting gasoline all over my walls, wot?

This is like Americans who run around yelling “First Amendment, First Amendment!!” while pretty soon, I wager, the words “First Amendment” are the only words their rulers will let them yell, just to keep the little buggers feeling smug — and preoccupied.

If wishes were horses, beggars could butt-f*ck Gavin McInnis.

Why are you angrier at another woman than you are at the guy who assaulted you?

Why are you so protective of your “right” to dress like a whore, even though you weren’t even dressed like one?

Why does your supposedly “brilliant” blog post — I’m sure all your friends have told you it was this morning — so full of contradictions, untested assumptions and misplace outrage?

Oh, right.

You’ve female.

How could I forget?

Anyway, here’s an actual comedian:


’16 hours in a car with an all-male film crew inevitably leads to the question…’

“How much would you have to be paid to let a bum rape you?”


San Francisco? Is that really you?



He’s not my problem anymore, suckers

He sure seems to know a lot about this dynamic, huh?

Father Benedict Groeschel, 79, told the National Catholic Register boys without father figures are often the ones who initiate sexual relationships with abusers.

“Suppose you have a man having a nervous breakdown, and a youngster comes after him. A lot of the cases, the youngster — 14, 16, 18 — is the seducer,” said Groeschel, the host of a weekly show called Sunday Night Prime.

I actually don’t thing he’s mistaken.

Girls with the same “daddy issues” and/or abuse histories do the same thing. Duh.

It’s the “poor” Sandusky thing that gets me.

UPDATE: Just a reminder — a fine prose style is not a reliable indicator of personal holiness.


Well, I’ve been afraid of changing/ ‘Cause I’ve built my life around you

Don’t get cocky, conservatives.

I’m hearing the word “landslide,” and reading lots of “Carter and Reagan 1980″ references.

I was there. Let’s keep the differences in mind, in terms of the general culture and atmosphere.

Carter got elected in 1976 because after Watergate, the Dems really could have run a pig for President and won.

But better yet, Carter was a Beltway “outsider,” a Southern governor and, we heard endlessly, peanut farmer. He looked and sounded like the anti-Nixon.

OK, so he had “lust in his heart” and saw a UFO AND was attacked by a killer rabbit. He still got elected.

Then came what economics textbooks at the time claimed was impossible: high unemployment AND inflation. They had to come up with a new name for it: “stagflation.”

Most folks just said “malaise.”

Gas prices have doubled under Obama? Sheesh. We. Had. No. Gas. In. The. Pumps.

And Iran held Americans hostage for 444 days, which the show Nightline was invented to cover, which it did, night after night after cold dark night to giant ratings.

America looked even more impotent when Carter’s Entebbe-style rescue mission failed.

By 1980, the situation was reversed: now Americans would vote for anyone but the Democrat.

And in an amazing stroke of fate and everything else, that “anyone” was (finally) Ronald Reagan.

But here’s the big difference:

Yes, millions of peanut shaped novelty items had been sold since 1976, but few people were possessed of a fanatical, irrational love of Jimmy Carter, at the beginning or at the end.

On the other hand, Obama fans are loyal to the point of irrationality, even if their loyalty is based on not being called “racist” or making their hipster/black friends mad, or just upon their hatred of Republicans.


Please tell me they both die in this one

Ethan Hawke Confirms Third Before Sunrise Movie

PS: Puke…


If Ayn Rand got a Brazilian…

Sorry about that disturbing mental image, but I was astonished to see that one of the “bikini shapes” on offer at this Vancouver salon is a dollar sign.

Men can get it too.

So what if a “dollar sign” guy hooked up with a “peace sign” chick?


So the Mayor’s niece gets to carry a prohibited weapon but I don’t?

“Stay alert, walk tall, carry mace, take self-defence classes & don’t dress like a whore. #DontBeAVictim #StreetSmart” she wrote on her Twitter account, @kristaford on Wednesday night.