Why can’t we all just stay out of jail? ‘Wrongfully convicted’ guys probably up to something anyway

Come on, you’ve thought that too.


 A US man who spent 24 years behind bars was freed today after DNA testing and other evidence convinced prosecutors he was not involved in the robbery and rapes that led to his 130-year sentence.

Alan Crotzer, 45, was freed more than three years after he wrote to the Innocence Project in New York…


Crotzer now works for the Innocence Project of Florida and is an Intervention Specialist at the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice.


A Florida man who successfully won $1.25 million for being wrongfully jailed is now being accused of attempted murder.

Tallahassee police late Monday arrested 51-year-old Alan Jerome Crotzer.

Davis told police Crotzer threatened him a couple of months ago after they had an argument over a CD he sold Davis’ girlfriend.

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Even Ron Paul did a PDP, twice in recent debates going on about how blacks are “victimized” by the criminal justice system, invoking Rosa Parks and MLKJ as his “heroes,” and saying that “rich white guys” never get the death penalty.

Paul knows good and well that rich white guys don’t have the same propensity to commit murder, which is why they don’t get the death penalty.

It’s sad how deep the social status posturing goes even for a candidate as otherwise likable as Paul.

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