Er, no: the biggest ‘plot hole’ in ‘District 9′…

Is the false allegory: the aliens are the invaders, not the invaded.

That means that, allegorically, they are the Boers, not the blacks.

And how being splashed with fuel turns you into another species remains mysterious to me. If I douse my cat with gasoline, would that turn him human?

My impatience with most movies and their “plot holes” is that the movie’s “problem” could usually be solved in minutes if somebody would just shoot That Guy.

Oh, and about The Producers:

Does it bother anyone else that the movie’s entire premise is flawed?

I realize Mel Brooks must have been attached to the title Springtime for Hitler, for the musical-within-the-play. Who can blame him?


If you buy a ticket for a new play called Springtime for Hitler, and the marquee outside says Springtime for Hitler in giant letters…

Why the hell are you gobsmacked by dancing swastikas in the opening number?

While admittedly a less amusing title choice, The Producers would have been perfect had the doomed musical been entitled something like Teutonic Follies.

Anything that wouldn’t give away the awfulness until after the curtain went up.

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