Sikhs are not the Amish: Brimelow asks tough question re: Wisconsin temple shootings (must-read)

Peter Brimelow writes:

It’s also necessary to stipulate, because you won’t see this in the MSM, that what happened in Oak Grove is far overshadowed by mass killings perpetrated by immigrants—often of other immigrants—the curious and ongoing phenomenon that calls Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome. At our most recent count, it involves at least 48 incidents and 411 deaths over 30 years.

I’m not convinced that “411 deaths over 30 years” is statistically significant in a nation of over 300 million.

However, that doesn’t mean the phenomenon isn’t worth discussion.

The Left is obsessed with global warming and second hand smoke, to name just two “emergencies”  with tiny if not non-existent death tolls.

He continues, regarding the oldest victim:

The obvious questions, unasked by AP:

What economic purpose is served by allowing a 76 year old who can’t speak English to immigrate? Was he on Social Security? Medicaid? Foodstamps?

Does Wisconsin (unemployment rate: 7%) really need immigrant cab drivers (and their dependents)?

Thank God Jason Kenney is scaling back Canada’s “bring your sick, elderly parents here for free health care” deal. (Hey, if it saves one life, right?)

And I certainly agree with Brimelow that it’s weird that people lived at the temple.

Also like me, Brimelow is troubled by those “shadow police forces” otherwise known as the SPLC and the ADL, however, that’s not an entirely accurate description since, as I keep saying, they are more useless than police forces — which is really saying something.

And yeah: Did the SPLC really hack into the National Alliance site to glean the killer’s shopping information?

Isn’t that illegal?

Yeah, but if it is for a “good cause,” right?

Brimelow concludes:

When are we going to hear about the “root causes” of the Wisconsin shootings?

For example, Page, obviously a man of limited economic potential, worked as a trucker in civilian life.

Trucking and taxi driving are two trades in which Sikhs are disproportionately represented. Has it not occurred to any MSM pundit that sheer American worker displacement might be a factor in this tragedy?

Which means we’ll be seeing it again?

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