The Great White Dope: my NEW Taki’s piece

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Ever since Timothy McVeigh’s 2001 execution, the American left has waited in joyful hope for his second coming.

More than a decade on, they desperately need another great white “Christian” dope whose name they can chirp defensively whenever anyone brings up the troubling tendency of certain nonwhite, non-Christian types to blow up way more people.

“Christian” is in scare quotes because Timothy McVeigh was actually a lapsed Catholic and failed Protestant who liked to say, “Science is my religion.” That buggers up the liberal narrative.

I once heard McVeigh’s former Protestant pastor wonder innocently why whenever he told reporters he’d kicked McVeigh out of his church on account of his violent views, those reporters always hung up and never quoted him. Weird, huh?

Finally, with the Wisconsin Sikh temple shooter, leftists have their new white gun-crazy poster boy

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