Told ya: ‘Taylor Swift-Kennedy’ is gonna be a ‘thing’ — and die horribly, too, in some sort of motorized vehicle

Me yesterday.

Today: “Taylor Swift is slowly morphing into Jackie Kennedy”

Earlier today, a reader wrote in:

 Once again the gestalt of FFF explains everything.

The worst part about Swift is not that she’s particularly stupid, it’s that she’s so very average. Ms. Swift is beautiful, talented, creative, and driven. Despite her success, and objective superiority to the average woman her age, she’s depressingly normal in behavior. No sane society lets young women decide anything related to politics or marriage. Yet Ms swift is getting involved in politics and making her own ( Bad) relationship decisions. She’s done a pretty good impression of the village bicycle and keeps sleeping down the D list, rung by rung.  Every Kennedy man I know of is a misogynistic piece of crap, in addition to being mentally ill, dangerous assholes.

No one family has done more to damage the people who buy swift’s music than the Kennedy family.  The Immigration act of ’65, socialized medicine, busing, abortion, fiscal irresponsibility, “Social justice”, Pro communism, environmentalism, Media-political incest, etc, etc

Ted Kennedy and his Family have imported millions of computer thieves, and subsidized millions more. It used to be that Grandma would tell the young ladies like Ms. Swift that avoiding a family of notorious drunken philanderers was a good idea. But now Granma is a boomer raised on the “Kennedy mystique” of 2+2=5 if a handsome rich man says so, and she “deserves” her medicare. Never mind that all 3 Kennedy bothers knew they were lies in the 60′s, and every person with a calculator and a room temp IQ could PROVE they were lies.  Grandma Deserves jack shit from all of us post boomers, she got in bed with the Kennedy’s politically, she she should be thankful that all she get from it is broke.

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