Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games choosing contractors based on race

Brian Lilley reports:

Under supplier diversity they have this, they actually ask companies to tally up the race and gender of their staff.

Aboriginal business: 51% owned, operated and controlled by Canadian Aboriginal people, and at least one third of the firm’s employees, if it has six or more full-time staff, are Aboriginal.

Women-owned business: 51% owned, operated and controlled by Canadian citizens who are female. (…)

Call me crazy but isn’t a racial purity test for contracts just a little creepy?

Obviously the people at the Pan Am Games don’t think so and so if you can check off one of these boxes you are more likely to get a contract.

This is wrong. It should be stopped. (…)

I can understand a young black male, never being able to get a job. If he were turned down time and again for jobs he was well qualified for most of us would understand him becoming bitter and angry.

Well consider this, young white males are being told as part of official policy that their numbers will be limited with the police, with the federal government and increasingly if they start a job and try to get a government contract they will be told no, you aren’t good enough to bid because you don’t belong to the right groups.

Meanwhile, about those Olympics:

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