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My husband has three photos that show that the guy caught temporarily flying the Hezbollah flag at the Al Quds rally in Toronto last weekend is the SAME guy who played a role in the assault on the dog-walker.

Where is PETA while dogs are being kicked on government property, and police arrest the dog’s owner instead?

NOTE:  in the photo above, the same belligerent Muslim is holding up a picture of his hero the Ayatollah — a man who wrote a bestselling book advising on the best ways to have sex with animals.

We’re talking about the Al Quds dog-kicking, flag-harassment and all the other Al Quds hilarity.

T-shirt to be announced.  via JDL Canada (and available from many online outlets.)

PS: Thanks to all the people who came up to me at the rally and told me that a) I do a great job on TV and b) that Sun News is a welcome addition to the Canadian media landscape.

I don’t agree with a) but b)? Definitely.

Note: watch the dog get kicked by a Muslim just before it runs into the foreground:

PPS: Free Cupcake!!!

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