Ezra Levant slams Toronto cops over Al Quds demo double standards (video)

Ezra Levant:

Did you get that? Fly the flag of a terrorist organization, get Toronto police protection. Fly the flag of the democratic state of Israel, and Toronto police tell you to pack it, or face criminal charges. (…)

This is not a call for censorship against the Al Quds racists. Racism shouldn’t be illegal. But the double standard of the human rights censors is further evidence that those star chambers should be shut down as useless, obsolete and one-sided. No, the real problem highlighted here isn’t the racist ralliers or the useless HRC.

It’s the politicization of the police.

How, in the name of “tolerance,” our police are doing the intolerable.

How, to protect the feelings of bullies, the police themselves have become bullies.

That is the outrage of the weekend. Not foreigners acting like barbarians. But our own police doing so.

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