I’ll be on Michael Coren’s show tonight at 7pm ET (UPDATED)

T-shirt TBA via HollywoodLoser, in “honor” of Sir John A.

We talk about Augusta National (here’s Sailer’s take on it), CSI: Bacon Which we’re now learning was a completely innocent if stupid incident:

What is amazing about this story is the amount of official attention it got. Yesterday we saw the New York City Police Commissioner commenting on it and announcing that it was a “bias event.” Today it seems otherwise, although I am sure more taxpayer money will be expended in order to find this caller and interrogate him in order to make sure he’s not just trying to cover his “Islamophobic” tracks.

It is also illustrative of the Islamic supremacist avidity to find hate crimes against themselves, so as to portray themselves as victims and deflect attention away from jihad activity, that they see bacon on the ground in a park and think “Hate crime!” instead of “Some guy is feeding the animals.”

PS: Here’s the Stokley Carmichael “prone” story.

And here’s George Galloway pretending to be a cat:


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