Limbaugh wanted Akin to drop out: Highlights of the week in conservative talk radio

NEW Talk Radio Watch is now up! Highlights include:

  • Michael Savage debunks The Hill‘s study of Congressmen’s net worth
  • Aaron Klein’s book hits NYT Bestseller list
  • Laura Ingraham gets three MSM bigwigs to admit bias, secrets

More talk radio stuff:

Laura Rosen Cohen on the Charles Adler show

“How Mike Huckabee stays relevant” (written before his defense of Akin…)

Carbonite takes a loss dropping Rush but sticks with leftist Ed Schultz”


Nick & Artie talk to Tom Arnold

Industry words of wisdom from Howard Stern:

New Kelly Ripa co-host Michael Strahan (?!) “doesn’t know jack s**t about broadcasting, because this guy, evidently, is selling his house out in California and buying something here. You just don’t do that…He doesn’t know anything about broadcasting because anyone who’s been around the block, like us, knows you always rent when you get a new job at broadcasting. These motherf**kers at networks, as much as they will build you up…These executives, they will build you up but they will look to shoot you the f**k down the moment it serves them.”

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