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Occasionally, second wave feminism DID make a decent point, you know…

Although this declaration is not footnoted or hyperlinked, so…


The next step was to develop something better — stronger, faster acting, less toxic. The Roche chemist who had originally stumbled upon Librium, Leo Sternbach, went back to the lab and tweaked the compound. Then he tested the drug on humans — in this case, the mothers-in-law of a few Roche executives. The executives thought that the new drug, Valium, rendered their mothers-in-law significantly less annoying.


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An oldie:


Doug Saunders should assure this Montreal girl that her Muslim mother didn’t really stab her — it was Mark Steyn’s fault

Anybody can write a book.

Let’s see Doug Saunders travel to Montreal and explain to this girl that she’d have been stabbed all the same if her mother were Irish.

BTW: the Muslim “mother’s” idea that stabbing her daughter to death would give her daughter “peace” was exactly what the Manson girls said about their victims.

PS: Halt Muslim immigration to the West.

Also, Michael Berry wants to have a word with you:


Does Warren Kinsella explain why RFK’s votes went to George Wallace after the former’s assassination?

Yep, that “United Left”!

Cuz Wallace WAS a Democrat.

Kinsella should’ve just cut to the chase and called it: Buy This Book — That Child Support Ain’t Gonna Pay Itself!

Watch for it in the remainder bins in four months.


What if newspapers hadn’t bothered to report the attack on Pearl Harbor?

No need to muse about that hard-to-believe alt-history scenario because, as Mark Steyn writes, that’s exactly what happened two weeks ago:

…on Sept. 14, fewer than two dozen inbred, illiterate goatherds pulled off the biggest single destruction of U.S. airpower since the Tet Offensive in 1968, breaking into Camp Bastion (an unfortunate choice of name) in Afghanistan, killing Lieutenant-Colonel Christopher Raible, and blowing up a squadron’s worth of Harriers.

And, even though it was the third international humiliation for the United States in as many days, it didn’t even make the papers.

Because the court eunuchs at the media are too busy drooling over Obama’s appearance as what he calls “eye candy” on the couch between Barbara and Whoopi.


David Warren has a new blog — that won’t really be a blog

If you’ve missed him in the pages of the Ottawa Citizen, now you can read him regularly at his new online home.

Our ambition is to try a blog entitled “Essays in Idleness”; which hyperlinks only sparingly, & always with caution to the MSM; which does not celebrate the incursion of “events”; which may sneer at “breaking news,” ignore the polls, & give no advice in an election; which makes statements that could actually be contradicted, but only by someone who knows something; which rebels against the oppression of “democracy”; then flees from its howling mobs. (…)

Fifteen continuous years assembling daily newspaper columns as a political pundit, & we achieved what? Approximately two million wasted words. For the world was not listening to our instructions; & anyway should not have, in our candid review. We pray to our Lord that by His grace instead, somewhere in the dark, we lit one holy candle.


Infidelphobia: National Post not entirely crap; prints takedown of the phony ‘Islamophobia’ construct

I still won’t link to them directly though. And I prefer “Islamonausea” as an alternative.

But to accuse all opponents of Islam of harboring a deep-seated hatred, rooted in irrational fear, is a serious mistake, exemplified by the sweeping and liberal usage of Islamophobia. In fact, the only sentiment in this debate that could actually be described as phobic is the unconditional contempt among many Muslims for people who disagree with them. But one doubts that a formulation like “Infidelophobia” will gain traction anytime soon.


Jesus raised a nine year old girl from the dead. Mohammed had sex with one.

Any more questions?


NEW weekly recap of this week in conservative talk radio

My latest Talk Radio Watch column is now up.

Enjoy highlights from this week in talk radio including:

  • Laura Ingraham’s interview with Ann Coulter
  • “All [Obama] has to do is tell you that there is a doughnut in the sky and you’ll report there’s a doughnut in the sky.”
  • Glenn Beck explains who’s behind the real “war on women”

and MORE.

PLUS more radio stuff:

Michael Savage off the air — but there’s a good reason checks in with Artie Lange

Armstrong & Getty back on the air; say absence was unrelated to their call for more Mohammad movies

Old but entertaining (Radio talk around 6pm):


Old and tired? Anti-Mohammed video. New hotness? ‘Jesus rifles’


I’m a Jew. If a serial number referring to a Christian text enrages our enemies, good! If our troops don’t see that as a good thing, bad!

Lest we forget, the 9/11 hijackers were told to meditate on the Koran.

Specifically, 8.12 (“cast terror into the hearts of those who are bent on denying the truth; strike, then, their necks!”) and 9.5 (“God instructs his Muslim followers to kill unbelievers, to capture them, to ambush them.”).


UK think thank: ‘Ordinary people have a natural disposition towards extremist ideology and causes’

Which, by the normal definitions of “ordinary” and “natural,” means that those “ideologies and causes” cannot be… “extreme”:

What the Extremis Project’s report does is construct a new definition of the words ‘extremist’ and ‘far right’ that flatters the sensibilities of the current political establishment. (…)

However, on closer inspection it becomes clear that the generational difference flagged up by the Extremis Project is really about class.


You don’t have to be crazy to work here, but this poster helps

The sound you hear is that of thousands of Successories prints being replaced in offices across the continent by this:


‘Goodfellas’ and its ‘strong gravitational pull’ (video)


 And finally, I would go with Goodfellas, not as great a mob movie as The Godfather, but the only film I can think of that celebrates the joy of being a totally abusive, amoral, violent, and corrupt SOB, which is every man’s secret fantasy. It’s not? Uh oh.


‘Tattoos are just a gigantic green Mohawk you can’t shave off.’

Gavin McInnes: “10 Things I Hate That Everyone Loves”


Once set to ‘on,’ there is no ‘off’ switch

Pete Townsend explains what the hell happened.

Makes perfect sense to me, sorry.

Why not be angrier with the people who f*cked him up in the first place?