Why do we let people like Zafar Bangash into Canada?


While a propagandist, Daffy Zaffy’s style is less suited to the western world, where even disinformation requires some subtlety and reason, than to the Islamic world where hyperbole and big talk substitute for their minuscule achievements. Part of Bangash’s schtick is to accuse, without any substantiation, anyone who doesn’t kowtow to his Islamist fanaticism of being a racist.

The irony being that Bangash tends to work himself up in to such a hateful lather when he speaks and even writes, that he frequently betrays his own actual racism. The epitome of his bigoted antipathy these days being in the person of US President Barack Obama.

While fuming against Israel at last year’s al Quds hatefest, where he invariably refers to Israel as “the racist, Zionist regime” Bangash couldn’t restrain his hate and cursed Obama as “that black man in the White House.”

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