Warren Kinsella does it again

Either through stupidity or malice, hugely successful political consultant Warren Kinsella misquotes and misrepresents conservatives as a sort of pitiful half-assed hobby, somewhere between model train collecting and cosplay.

I’ve just been alerted to this bit from his new book — yes, Warren Kinsella has a book contract, and I don’t.

Here he goes:

“Canadian broadcaster Michael Coren, in a posting titled ‘Leftist syndrome’ on his blog, pointed out some of the youngsters at the Utoya Island camp had been critical of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians — and, therefore, their murders were ‘ironic.’ The posting even seemed to suggest the Norwegian youth had it coming, since they had “showed no empathy at all for Jewish suffering.”

Except here’s Michael Coren’s actual blogpost, in its entirety:

Tragic irony. The teenagers at the socialist youth camp on the Norwegian island who were victims of terror had just demanded that Israel remove the separation fence – the wall – that has saved any number of innocent, Jewish children from Islamic terror gangs. They also condemned Israel for, well, pretty much everything, and showed no empathy at all for Jewish suffering, and the experience of living with terrorism for more than sixty years. So sad, but so typical.

Why not quote the whole (tiny) thing? Cuz then Kinsella couldn’t wield his favorite non-so-secret weapon:

The magical “…”

Coren’s point is too subtle for Kinsella, who, in his defense, isn’t as young as he used to be, after all.

Aside: Coren also sells exponentially more books than Kinsella, so if you think about it, Kinsella’s weasel-worded diss won’t really have much impact.

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