Gypsies: Canada’s Down Syndrome Mafia — my NEW Taki piece

Have “fun” in the comments:

Gypsies, you see, were murdered by Hitler, just like Jews! Since Farber’s true religion seems to be what I call “Holocaust-ianity,” such historical coincidences are supposed to shame the rest of us into embracing these leeches. If we remain unmoved, we’re obviously right-wing racist scum.

(Thousands of Canadian goyim were also “murdered by Hitler” while fighting the Nazis during that same war. Oddly enough, that fact has never managed to endear white working-class Canuck males to Farber, who is proud of the career he’s made helping censor precisely that group of citizens.)

These Roma “refugees” aren’t citizens, but for a well-to-do urban liberal such as Farber, that’s a feature, not a bug. When your career is conspicuous compassion, the more exotic one’s new “pet,” the better.

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