‘Argo’: Has Ben Affleck ever looked (accidentally) smarter than right this very second?

I wonder which hollow ceiling he found this script in…

Yep. True story:

We filmed it already:

There are other reasons why Argo may, technically, be the better film — its Hollywood-sized budget and A-list director being a couple of them. To depict the streets of Tehran, for instance, the crew flew to neighbouring Turkey, whereas Harris was stuck in Toronto, trying to transform alleyways behind Bayview Avenue into bazaars or make a building in Scarborough resemble the U.S. embassy. It sort of works, but isn’t totally convincing — except, perhaps, for a scene involving the storming of the embassy.

“It’s so convincing, I’ve often seen it playing on the news, when there are retrospectives or anniversaries of the hostage crisis,” Harris says. “I’ll suddenly say, ‘Hold on, that’s not real footage — it’s from my movie, with my actors going over the wall I built in Scarborough.’ ”

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