Come and get me, you fairies

Zombie posts the “offensive” movie that’s started a war.

(Yes, attacking an embassy is an act of war.)

Zombie adds:

Needless to say, if I were president, the State Department would have issued a press release saying, “Aw, did the little movie-wovie hurt your wittle feelings? Go suck an egg. P.S. We are now in a state of war with Egypt, as your armed forces facilitated an invasion of our sovereign territory.”

Today is the second 9/11. On the first 9/11, back in 2001, we suffered a major attack, but that attack unified us. The people joined together with each other and with the government. Today, in 2012, we suffered a very small attack, but the response was the exact opposite of what happened eleven years ago: This time around, our very own government sided with those who attacked us. [ME: Here's the walk-back.]

This would have seemed inconceivable eleven years ago. But it has now happened.

And here (while it stays up) is the video of Islam: The Untold Story, which Muslims apparently don’t like either.

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