Limbaugh: ‘If we’re so concerned about hurting the feelings of Muslims…’

Muses Rush:

 …then why is Obama bragging that he killed Osama so often?

That’s a fascinating question.  Yeah, in fact, their campaign slogan is “GM’s alive and Osama’s dead,” or something like that.  They’re ramming it down the throats of Islamists all over the world. 

In fact, in Egypt at the embassy yesterday, the protesters were all shouting, “We’re all Osamas, Obama.  We’re all Osamas, Obama.” There are millions of Osamas, Obama. 

So we might even conclude, ladies and gentlemen, that if we’re gonna accept this notion that hurt feelings inspire terrorism, then maybe Obama is responsible for this, and ultimately maybe the blame falls to him. 

You think they watched the Democrat convention?  You think they saw Plugs Biden up there going on and on about how Osama’s dead?  This could be the Obama bounce. The media was looking for the Obama bounce, and we found it, the attack on our embassy in Cairo.  The real Obama bounce.

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